Gym equipment Glossary


There are a whole lot of of different type of home exercise equipment out there so tracking them can be quite the duty, even for an specialist. The constantly inflow of new type of enhancements and equipment likewise do not help and will intimidate newcomers for the fitness world. Looking for compiled a list of the most frequent terms regarding home fitness equipment and break these down to simple to realize, non-jargon explanations. We are also detailed which usually body part the tools targets, if appropriate. If words just like ergometer, P80 gaming console and smith unit baffle you, this specific list will be your good friend. We have gathered way up all the fitness equipment titles that we could find and are constantly increasing this list.

Stomach Bench

Category: Energy

Body Parts Targeted: abs

An ab regular is a fitness common that is generally at the decline, usually together with padded leg rollers to hook your current legs or ft . around to perform any crunch or sit-up. There are also adjustable editions of these where you can execute different exercises about.

Adjustable Bench

Classification: Strength

Body Parts Qualified: N/A

Similar to a smooth bench, but they are variable to either be a flat bench, a incline bench or even a decline bench.


An abbreviation for that Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) which can be an all-in-one elliptical trainer machine. It is able to alter strides and conform to the user without any handbook adjustments.

Arc Coach

Category: Cardio

Parts of the body Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, key (if it includes chest: triceps, biceps, back)

A cardio appliance created by Cybex that will closely resembles the elliptical, but the indie floating pedal device further reduces influence on your lower joint parts.

Assisted Chin Plunge

Category: Strength

Areas of the body Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, force

An assisted face dip machine is actually a tower with a couple of protruding rods. A number of machines will have the person either kneel or perhaps stand on a heavy platform. The user starts off with their arms for a 90 degree viewpoint and extends their very own arms to perform the particular exercise.


Observe entry for exersice.

Curl Bench

Type: Strength

Body Parts Aimed: N/A

Also often called a preacher crimp. This bench appears like a seat using a padded section right in front. The user places all their arm over the padding section of the standard and can perform curl with proper web form.


One of the major manufacturers of home gym equipment. They mainly are experts in producing strength products with over a hundred and fifty unique pieces. Cybex is also known for their impressive Arc Trainer aerobic machines.

Decline Table

Category: Strength

Limbs Targeted: N/A

Any weight bench the location where the user’s legs are usually higher than their brain. It is used for along with presses that target the bottom portion of the chest muscles.


Category: Cardio exercise

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, core (if it offers upper body: triceps, force, back)

An exercise is a stationary cardiovascular exercise machine that copies running or hiking. Users stand with pedals which allows to get a low impact workout. Many elliptical also have removable arms which will in addition allow for an additional body workout. Also oftentimes referred to as an eliptical crosstrainer or a crosstrainer.