Natural Home Remedies For Headache

Natural Home Remedies For Headache

If you can get a headache repeatedly or because you can not focus on the pain around the forehead and the eyes, it’s a good idea to get help with very effective natural treatment.

Natural Home remedies for a headache

Causes of a headache There are various causes involved in a headache or a migraine, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Increased toxic substances in the body
  • Thinking and discussing so long
  • Watching long hours on a TV or computer monitor
  • There are problems with vision
  • Not using proper glasses
  • State and put a lot of pressure on the eyes in a dimly lit environment
  • Neck muscle contraction due to incorrect positioning or
  • severe movement
  • Injury or injury
  • heavy stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Too much work
  • Responsibilities and responsibilities
    a cold
  • Low appetite or very limited diet
  • Some experts believe that people who are too strict to
  • themselves, extreme perfectionists, obsessive, thinking, and
  • those who are not self-confessed, usually suffer from severe headaches.

In all cases, it is very important that the cause of a headache is recognized and treated with natural and complementary therapies so that the person does not depend on the use of the drug.

Also, a balanced diet and reduced mental pressure in the work can help relieve headache symptoms.

Nowadays, many medicinal plants have a tremendous effect on the relief of headaches. Keep in mind that chemical agents can cause body contamination in the long run. In addition, you will gradually need more drugs to see the expected effect.

Drug dependence can cause abnormalities in the stomach, liver, nervous system and pancreas. When these organs are affected, the headache appears as one of the warning signs. Also, in this case, we have a defective cycle that should relieve pain in any way.

Best plants to relieve headaches

First, it should first be noted that quality, preferably organic, non-chemical and pesticide plants should be considered before using natural remedies for migraine relief and general headache. Also, the appropriate amount for each postpartum should be observed and possible complications such as stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, etc. should be considered. In all these cases, you should discontinue the medicine and refer to the doctor. Except for these cases, there is no contraindication for herbal remedies in case of a headache.


Chamomile has properties that reduce the symptoms of migraines and can also be used by children. Of course, if a migraine is very severe, it is not recommended.

In the event of a headache, drink a cup of chamomile and relax by listening to a gentle music or doing yoga exercises. You will notice that after half an hour pain has decreased significantly. Of course, do not drink more than 3 cups per day. In cases of a mild migraine, it is advisable to have one cup of chamomile with a few drops of lemon juice and a small spoon of honey before bedtime and in the morning.


The plant contains a compound called salicin which has several properties, including body heat loss, housing, and anemia. These effects are similar to aspirin. Be sure to not be allergic to such compounds before you use them.

Lemon balm

Honey and sedative properties are great for treating severe headaches. In addition, the plant has a delicious flavor and a very sophisticated smell. It is advisable to have a cup of meringue without sugar or with a few drops of lemon juice in the morning. Drinking a cup of this snack in the morning helps to prevent migraine headaches, and in a case of a headache, another cup is recommended.

Here are Three More Plants to relieve headaches


Lavender is a very beautiful plant that has a hearty aroma and many properties. This herb relieves headaches, reduces fever and improves insomnia.

Its essential oil can be used to benefit from the properties. In this case, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a few drops of almond oil or olive oil. Massage the mixture with rotational motion on the feet for a few minutes to reduce a headache.


Another plant is to relieve the headache of mint. From the old days, it was advisable to put some of the leaves of mint under the pillow and break some leaves between two hands and inhale the smell. Peppermint is also very effective in relieving headaches from the stomachache.

The leaves of the smell

Leaves are very useful compounds for the treatment of migraine headaches due to the high levels of serotonin hormone secretion. This plant can be made in the form of deforestation.

Boil 3 fresh or dried leaves with 1 cup of water. Let it brew for 15 minutes. Then remove from the heat until it cools after a few minutes. Smooth pastry and apply with a little honey.



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